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Under-floor Warming Systems


Easy Installation.

CozyFloors is all about making radiant floor heat simple and easy. Even the installation process has been straemlined into easy to follow steps.

CozyFloors Installation
smoothing floor heat

Making it easy to do it right

The CozyFloors Heating System is designed for do-it-yourselfers. We made the process smooth and easy with our easy to follow Installation Guide. View it on-screen by clicking the link. It's the same Guide that will come in your CozyFloors Warming Mat packaging when it arrives. Simple steps, simple illustrations, simple step-by-step installation.

CozyFloors Universal Thermostat controls the temperature of the floor through a temperature sensor that is placed in the floor construction. It is supplied with a 15 ft. double-insulated cable with temperature sensor and all of the mounting hardware needed for an easy installation.

Calculate the amount of CozyFloors material to purchase with our simple surface area calculator

1. Make a scale diagram of the room and calculate the total surface area, wall to wall.

2. Calculate the surface area of the permanent fixtures by measuring them and adding them up.

3. Subtract the fixture surface area from the total surface area (don't forget to calculate any angles if the walls or permanent fixtures are not square or rectangular).

4. The result is the amount of heating surface to purchase.