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Under-floor Warming Systems


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CozyFloors is all about making radiant floor heat simple and easy. Everything you need (except for a few tools and supplies) is right here, along with specific and easy to follow installation instructions.

CozyFloors Warming Cables
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For a Custom Configuration

CozyFloors Warming Cable provides an alternative way to heat a floor with many awkward angles and obstacles. The cables are manually strung into place across the floor using the supplied guide brackets for spacing. Two options for spacing (3" or 2") can be chosen to yield either 12 or 15 Watts per sq. ft. The lead wires are attached from one end only, simplifing the radiant floor heating installation.

The installation is done just like the CozyFloors Warming Mats, except for the manual nature of the way the cable is laid out. Like the Warming Mats, The Warming Cable is ultimately secured with thin-set mortar or self-leveling cement. Refer to CozyFloors Warming Mat Intsallation Guide.

The mats are perfectly matched with CozyFloors Integrated Cable and Universal Thermostat, for further ease of installation and operation.

  • CozyFloors Warming Cable is designed for installation under tile, stone, marble or wood floors.
  • Can be also used in wet areas such as showers.
  • Can be controlled using the CozyFloors Universal Thermostat
  • Heating cable is only 1/8" thick.
  • Can be installed in combination with CozyFloors Warming Mats.
  • EMF safe (electro-magnetic field), with active shielding and twin-wire technology
  • Durable 3-layer protection
  • Long life with oxygen-free copper heating elements
  • High Performance ETFE insulation
  • Protected by woven stainless steel braid
  • Strengthened with polyurethane outer jacket for ultimate impact & cut resistance
  • Complies with UL standards and the NEC
  • Electrically safe with grounding from end to end