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Under-floor Warming Systems


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CozyFloors is all about making radiant floor heat simple and easy. Everything you need (except for a few tools and supplies) is right here, along with specific and easy to follow installation instructions.

CozyFloors Warming Mats
smoothing floor heat

The Ultimate Toe Warmer

CozyFloors Warming Mats are the easiest way to create a radiant heat source for your home. Designed for installation under tile, stone, marble, or wood floors, these well designed roll-out mats make for simple installation with perfectly spaced S-pattern heating cable securely attached to selfadhesive mesh panels. The whole mesh panel is adhesive for secure stick down to sub-flooring, and it can be removed and re-adhered several times. Lead wires attach one panel to the next to easily create a floor system of any size or shape.

The industry's thinnest open-weave mesh construction, allows thin-set or leveling mortar to work through the mesh and bond with the sub-floor. A simple one-step application adds only 1/8" thickness to a normal tile installation.

CozyFloors Mats are designed to create healthy heat, with EMF (electro-magnetic field) canceling heating cable. The mats produce 12 watts/sq. ft. of heating power.

The mats are perfectly matched with CozyFloors Integrated Cable and Universal Thermostat, for further ease of installation and operation.

  • CozyFloors Warming Mats are designed for installation under tile, stone, marble or wood floors.
  • Easy, simple and fast installation.
  • Fully grounded 10 ft. Power Lead and Heating Elements.
  • Low build-up height
  • Self adhesive tape & self adhesive mesh surface for easy and secure installation and repositioning.
  • Acts as an anti-fracture membrane
  • Tough and flexible heating cable.
  • Easily maneuverable around corners and fixtures.
  • Can be used in wet areas.
  • EMF safe (electro-magnetic field), with active shielding and twin-wire technology
  • Complies with UL standards and the NEC
  • Extended Warranty