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Radiant Floor Heating System

Welcome to CozyFloors.

We are happy to introduce you to the world of Radiant Floor Heating. The Electric Radiant Heating System from CozyFloors distributes even heat throughout an entire floor surface. Floor heat rises and warms nearby objects with radiant heat waves, unlike dry blowing heat from a vent system. No dust, no allergies, no unhealthy blowing air. It is maintenance-free, leak-free, simple, quiet and produces a soothing heat which makes bare feet happy!

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Warmth from the ground up

CozyFloors heats from the ground up, creating a therapeutic and economical heating solution. Our flooring saves energy and money! All of the heat produced by the system is utilized, and none lost in the ductwork or ceiling, making this system a Green Energy Solution.

CozyFloors has created a simple home-heating solution with our all-inclusive 120V system. We back it with a solid extended warranty, and our years of experience as home building and remodeling contractors. Although designed for do-it-yourselfers, contractors will also love how easy the system is to install.

Be aware that many floor heating manufacturers are not UL approved. All of CozyFloors products are rigidly tested and have the UL seal of approval.

CozyFloors System can be purchased securely online, with items being shipped the same or next business day.