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We take radiant floor heating seriously, in order to make it easy and hassle-free for our customers.

CozyFloors About Us
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Who are we?

CozyFloors started as a group of building contractors, looking for a way to make the Radiant Floor Heating simpler and easier for the do-it-yourselfer, as well as the seasoned professional. After studying the radiant flooring industry and working with many of it's product offerings, we decided to create a simplified system based of our experiences. The solution was simple in itself: Great products, a complete offering, easy installation and the experience to back it up!

Quality Radiant Floor Heat has the ability to 'heat the bones' of your house, with bottom-up radiant heat waves. Typical blown-air heating methods only push dry, hot air through dusty vents, creating a less-than-ideal heating scenario. The CozyFloors System eliminates the moving air, replacing it with soothing, quiet, radiant heat waves -saving your health, as well as saving on heating costs.

We stand behind our products with an Extended Warranty, which repairs or replaces defective merchandise, guaranteeing peace of mind in ordering and installing our system.

Thank you for your business.
- The CozyFloors Team